This magnificent continent was created in part by Big Soda companies and their plastic bottles.
It took decades to form, and it continues to grow and expand every day.
This is how this wonder was conceived.
To learn more about the real story behind this continent visit: 5Gyres Wikipedia Vice
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Getting Here

The Secret Continent is conveniently located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

We don't have an airport yet. You can get here via boat or skydive your way in.
  • 5 Hours
  • 5 Days
  • 5 Years
*Estimated travel time from San Francisco.

Natural Wonders

The unique ecological conditions in the secret continent have
created a special habitat, home to an entire world of rare and enchanting fish:


The Secret Continent is under threat: SodaStream. These home Drinks Makers are scheming to create a world free from plastic bottles, threatening plastic vacation spots like The Secret Continent. Yikes!
  • 1

    SodaStream bottle
  • 2000

    plastic bottles and cans.

First Expeditions

Meet Captain Charles Moore, the man who first explored the continent and who is constantly working to make it famous. Aye aye captain!
"In the week it took to cross the subtropical high, no matter what time of day I looked, plastic debris was floating everywhere: bottles, bottle caps, wrappers, fragments."
The Secret Continent is so enchanting! Watch the adventurous three episode journey to the continent led by Vice magazine:


Our luxurious resort offers a stimulating selection of exciting
cuisine, avant-garde fashion and conceptual art.
Dive deeper and

Win Some


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We’re a new handmade continent. We need your dazzling creativity
to help us name the continent and design our flag.
The best entrants will
win an eco-friendly
SodaStream home
Drinks Maker.

Name The Continent

Name the continent and you could win a new SodaStream Drinks Maker.
A team of judges will choose the best names, and award their creators with prizes.
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Name Us!
You forgot to write a name down, captain

Create the flag

Amaze us with your original flag designs and you could win a new SodaStream Drinks Maker!
An team of judges will choose the most outstanding flags, and award their creators with prizes.
(Terms & Conditions)
Thanks for stopping by. The contest is over!
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Q: Is the secret continent real?
A: Yes

Q: Are you sure?
A: Yes Captain

Q: I wanted to book a free vacation. Should I pack my suitcase right now?
A: The continent isn't a solid landmass. It's a big plastic blob made of small plastic particles, so… ummm… there is no real resort. Our campaign and this site have been done in jest and aim to create and increase awareness to this environmental catastrophe.

Q: Is that why you asked me to sign the petition?
A: Yes. We will use this petition to begin a discussion with the world's leaders on the serious problem of oceanic plastic pollution, and a plastic mass the size of a small continent.
Q: I signed the petition. What else can I do to help?
A: You can make simple changes that make big differences. One of the easiest ways is to reduce your everyday use of plastic bottles and plastic bags. With SodaStream, you can easily reduce your waste while still enjoying delicious soda.

Q: Isn’t recycling good enough?
A: Recycling is better than just throwing bottles away, but it’s still not great. It requires lots of energy, money and natural resources to recycle – re-using is a far better long-term solution for our planet.