The Secret Continent is real.

There really is a huge floating mass of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If nothing drastic changes and Big Soda companies continue to produce and distribute billions of plastic bottles – the entire Ocean could be covered with plastic.

Help us raise awareness and convince the world's leaders to declare The Secret Continent an official continent; it is big enough, after all!


Put the Secret
Continent on the map

The leaders of the world
Barack Obama
Ban Ki Moon
David Cameron
Angela Merkel

For decades, billions of plastic bottles manufactured by Big Soda companies have reached the Ocean and been gathered along with other plastic waste to create a huge mass in the middle of the Pacific. This mass, also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is so big – twice the size of Texas - that it should be its own continent.

This human creation must be recognized by the international community.

We urge you to discuss the secret continent's political and geographical status, and declare it as a new formal continent so it will no longer be ignored. Only with a move this bold will people begin to notice what is really happening to our environment, and take actions to make change.